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Faculty: Linking to Library Resources

General Linking Summary

Greenlease Library subscribes to thousands of e-books and e-journals that are high quality and licensed under specific contractual terms & conditions. Whenever possible, link directly to content rather than uploading PDFs.

  • Avoid Off-Campus Problems: Start with a "clean" URL.  If your URL contains any "&" symbols or has a long strings, Go  look for a "permalink," "copy link," or "stable URL" on the webpage.
  • Check that links to Library resources are set to Open in a new window or browser. 
  • Include the Rockhurst Proxy Prepend at the beginning of Library links.
  • If using a browser or website URL, look at the URL and change dashes to periods before adding the Library Proxy. For example: https://advance-lexis-com should be changed to
  • The preferred method of linking is to hyperlink the article citation. In some cases, databases use an older version of a citation style. Update the style of the citation to the latest edition of a particular citation format.

Creating Links in Canvas

To Add an External URL in Canvas

  1. In Course Navigation, click the Modules link.
  2. Click the Add Item button.
  3. In the Add [Item Type] To: drop-down menu, select the External URL option.
    1. Type or paste the URL in the URL field [1].
    2. Give the External URL a page name
    3. To have the URL open in a new browser tab, click the Load in a new tab checkbox.
    4.  Choose whether or not to indent the item in the module drop-down menu.
  4. Click the Add Item button.
  5. View the external URL in the module.

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Visit us on Instagram

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