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Faculty: Linking to Library Resources

General linking rules

Greenlease Library subscribes to thousands of e-books and e-journals that are high quality and licensed under copyright  agreements. It's best to link directly to content rather than uploading PDFs.

Best Practices

Avoid Off-Campus Problems:

  1. Make sure you are starting with a "clean" url.  If your url contains any & symbols or has a long string. Go back and look for a "permalink," "copy link," or "stable url" on the webpage. Examples on how to locate permalinks in certain databases are given in the tabs on the left.
  2. Ensure your links to Library resources are set to Open in a new window or browser. 
  3. Make sure the Rockhurst Proxy Prepend is included at the beginning of Library links.
  4. Beware! If using a browser or website URL, instead of a DOI, as the permalink make certain to look closely at the website URL and change any dashes to periods before adding the Library Proxy! For example: https://advance-lexis-com should be changed to
  5. The preferred method of linking is to hyperlink the article citation. In some cases, databases use an older version of a citation style. Make certain when you copy a citation provided by a database, that the style of the citation reflects the latest edition of a particular citation format, for example, APA 7th or MLA 8th. 

Rockhurst Proxy or Rudolf

The Rockhurst Proxy is the way that students, staff and faculty can connect to article databases, e-journals, and e-books directly from the links within Canvas when they are off-campus. This authenticates users automatically while on campus and allows for authentication to occur when the user is not coming from a recognized IP address. It is vital to use to stay within our licensing and usage agreements.

When linking to library subscription resources within Canvas, you need to add a short URL-like string, or "prepend" to the beginning of all links to library subscription resources, which then prompts for a login and password.

The prepend is:


For linking in Canvas or D2L, see boxes below.

Create Link in Canvas

Create Link in D2L

If you have any problems locating a permalink to an article or e-book chapter, please use this SLCHS:Syllabus Article Request form to contact us. 

  1. Under Instructional Resources, click on the Add button to insert a WebLink.
  2. Find the permalink or stable URL to the article, e-book or video. Copy that permalink.
  3. If not already provided, add the EZ Proxy Prefix in front of the permanent link: databases, like CINAHL, provide the permalink with the Rockhurst proxy prefix attached).
  4. Paste the copied permalink into the Link textbox.
  5. Copy and paste the article citation into the Display Name textbox.
  6. Select Open in a new tab.
  7. Make the weblink visible.
  8. Click the Save button to add the weblink to Instructional Resources.
  9. The weblink will be added to the bottom of Instructional Resources. Drag-and-drop to organize as needed.

For detailed instructions with screenshots, refer to this handout: 

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