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Scholarly Communication Guide

Availability of Conference Papers

Papers from a conference may be collated into the conference proceedings. These are often published as a book and you can search the library catalog to see if we have a copy of the proceedings, or as a special issue of a journal.  If this does not happen, you can turn your paper into a journal article.
To ensure your work is findable and accessible, make sure your paper has open access by:
  • Depositing your paper (this may need to be a pre-print) into an institutional research repository or open access repository.
  • Make sure you have not assigned the copyright to the conference organizers and if you have, seek permission before you do this.

    Conferences are useful for sharing your research and getting feedback from scholars working in your research area. They will also help you to establish youself and build a network which can result in future collaborative work.

Information on conferences can be found at:

Subject or discipline-specific information may also be available e.g.:

Here are other ways in which you can find out about conferences through:

  • Personal contacts
    • For example, your supervisor and peers may suggest you attend a conference
  • Academic departments
    • Your department chair may suggest conferences. Professional organizations will often sponsor conferences.
  • Journals
    • Often subject specialist journals will alert you to an upcoming conference or event so it is worth perusing publishers' websites or the particular journal's website.
  • Organising your own conference
    • Although this is a labor intensive (and sometimes costly) endeavour, it is extremely fruitful both in terms of your own continuing professional development and also in terms of promoting yourself and your institution. 

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