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Open Minds Book Series 2022-2023

This guides contains supplemental information to assist participants learn more about the texts of the 2022-2023 Open Mind Book Series, a program of Rockhurst University's Center for Arts and Letters.

Clint Smith - Author of How the Word is Passed

About — Clint Smith

Clint Smith

Clint Smith is originally from New Orleans. In a past life he was a high school English teacher at Prince George's County, Maryland. While teaching high school English, he earned the Christine D. Sarbanes Teacher of the Year Award from the Maryland Humanities Council. He holds a PhD in Education which he earned from Harvard. He is an author of three books and currently publishes for The Atlantic. He lives in Maryland with his wife and two children.

Learn More About How the Word Is Passed and Clint Smith

Author's personal website which details his personal life and more.

Author's personal Instagram account. 

The Atlantic's Publisher Profile for Clint Smith. Contains all the works he has written for The Atlantic

A YouTube video where author, Clint Smith discusses the importance of his work and the themes found in it. 

Enotes: How the Word is Passed provides a plot summary of the book and in-depth analysis of the book. 

A critical review on the importance of How the Word is Passed and learning about the hidden stories of slavery.

A TED Talk where author Clint Smith, discusses the importance of telling the stories of former slaves and their impact on major American Historical Monuments. 

USA Today article discussing American Monuments that tell stories relating to slavery while others lack important details on how they were made by the hands of slaves. 

Insider article discussing which American Monuments were built by slaves. 

A website where you can locate all the national African American Historic Landmarks by searching various states. 


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