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Faculty Reserves

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will these items be on reserve?

Items will be made available to be searched in the catalog and checked out at the time they are processed, and kept on reserve until the last day of the semester unless otherwise requested by the professor.

Do I have to submit my items before the semester starts?

Reserve materials can be submitted anytime you wish, whether it is the beginning of the semester or the last few days before final exams.  Either way, they will only be held on reserves until the end of finals week.

Can I place textbooks on reserve?

Provided that the textbooks meet certain criteria, Greenlease Library will place faculty-owned textbooks on reserve, as space permits.  Textbooks which are desk copies or review copies must also include a written policy/permission from publisher permitting the textbooks to be placed on reserve in the library.   

Do I have to submit all my materials at once?

No.  Reserve materials can be submitted at any time.  If you choose to submit materials as your class needs them, we can handle that.  Materials can always be added to your class reserves page.

If I need to submit more items later, do I have to fill out another form?

Yes, a new form is needed for whatever changes you want to make to your reserves account whether you want to add books, change the checkout period, etc.

Do I have to come into the library to submit my request?

Our reserves request form is available online through our website, or under the "Reserve Request" tab in this guide.  It can be filled out on campus, in the library, at home, or anywhere you can get an internet connection.

I have copies of the old paper request form, should I still use that?

You can if you wish, we won't deny your request by doing so, but we have made the form available online in order to make the request process easier.  Also, the online form allows you to include more items on one form than the paper form.

I have more items to place on reserve than what the form allows me to include.  Am I limited to just these seven items?

You are not limited to the number of items each form allows you to add.  Just as with the old paper forms, if you have more items to add, you will need to fill out an additional form.  Just be sure to fill out the contact and class information on each form so we may be sure to match multiple forms that should be together.

How long can students check out my reserve items?

We provide several checkout periods for reserve items, and the choice is up to you when you submit the request.  The checkout periods are: two-hour (in-library use only), overnight, three-day, and one week.

The library doesn't have a copy of the book I want to put on reserve, what do I do?

In this case, one option would be for you to purchase the item for yourself, then bring it to the library and we can put that copy on reserve.  At the end of the semester it will be returned to you.  Another option, if you think this is an item you will use again and again in classes, you can contact our Content Services Librarian (816-501-4143) and inquiring about having the library purchase a copy of the item.  You may also check to see if your department could provide the funds for the library to purchase a copy of the item.

I need some library books placed on reserve, but I am off campus for a few days.  Do I have to wait until I return to campus to place my request?

As long as they are items from our collection, you do not need to wait until you can come to the library.  There is a line on the form to include the item call number.  With that, we can pull the item off the shelf for you and place it on reserve.  If the items are your personal copies, you can still submit the request anytime, and then when you are able to bring the items to the library, you can do so at that time.

When will my materials be ready to be checked out?

Materials can be checked out immediately upon processing.  We ask that you allow for 2-3 business days for the items to be processed.  This is to allow for staffing availability and the number of reserve items that have been submitted.

I only need my students to read certain sections of books, should I put the whole book on reserve, or just certain chapters?

Copyright law allows under the fair use guidelines for one chapter or 10% of a book (which ever is less) to be placed on reserves.  If you have more than that, you would be better suited just putting the entire book on reserve.

I used to have articles on electronic reserve, can I still do that?

Because of rising costs and infrequent use, Greenlease Library discontinued use of its electronic reserves system in the fall of 2010.  Since then, we have asked that any professor who wanted to make articles or other materials available electronically try to do so using the University's learning management system (LMS) page for that course.  In doing so, you are still responsible for having appropriate copyright permissions for all materials you use.

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