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Faculty Reserves

Materials Eligible for Reserves

Items that can be placed on reserve

  • Books, CDs, VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray videos and computer programs from the Greenlease collection
  • Government Documents or maps from the Greenlease collection
  • Books, commercially produced audio, video and computer programs owned by the professor
  • Faculty's personal copies of textbooks, as space permits. Textbooks which are desk copies or review copies must also include a written policy/permission from publisher permitting the textbooks to be placed on reserve in the library.
  • Photocopies of articles or book chapters
  • Study materials owned by the professor (maps, posters, old tests, study guides, etc.)
  • Photographic images

Materials Ineligible for Reserves

Items that cannot be placed on reserves

  • Photocopies that do not meet the copyright law
  • Unpublished theses, dissertations or manuscripts
  • Off-air videos or recordings
  • Copies of computer programs, music or videos
  • Consumable works such as commercially produced workbooks, exercises, standardized tests and answer sheets
  • Reference books or entire issues of periodicals that are part of the print collection
  • Items belonging to other libraries

The library staff will not place on reserve any materials that do not meet the copyright laws outlined in the U.S. Copyright Law 17 U.S.C. Section 304(b). For more information about Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines see the Copyright Information tab above.

Risk and Responsibility

The library does not accept responsibility for personal items placed on reserve that may become lost or damaged while they are on the reserve shelves. If the item(s) to be placed on reserve is/are deemed valuable or irreplaceable, faculty may want to consider not placing those items on the reserve shelves for student use. If items are damaged while on reserve, the library staff will notify the faculty member and it is his/her responsibility to provide replacement material. Reserve checkout records are confidential and will not be made available to faculty members.

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