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Faculty: Linking to Library Resources

Creating Persistent Links to Journal Articles in JSTOR

1. Locate the article you want to link to and click the title to open the detailed record.



2 Locate the Stable URL for the article just beneath the publisher information.


3. Delete the from the URL.

4. Add the library's proxy URL ( to the front of the Stable URL before copying and pasting the entire persistent link in your Canvas page.

Example for the record above:

5. Beware! Make sure to look closely at the website URL and change the dashes to periods!

6. The preferred method of linking to resources is to hyperlink the citation.

Example for the record above:

Perry, Ruth. “Interrupted Friendships in Jane Austen's Emma.” Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature, vol. 5, no. 2, 1986, pp. 185–202. JSTOR, Accessed 11 May 2020.

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