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eBook User's Guide

Using eBooks

After you have located an eBook by searching the catalog, you need to authenticate that you are a member of Rockhurst University Library and then you will be able to use the eBook.

Final Steps: Authenticate and Use eBook

1. Once you find an eBook you'd like to view, click on it to be taken to a page like the one below. Once there, click on the "Rockhurst Online Access" button in the middle of the page to access it in one of the Rockhurst eBook databases. If you are off campus, you will need to login using your Rockhurst login and password.

Cat 4

2.  Once you have authenticated, a provider page will load for the eBook. It might look something like this photo: 

3. Use the provider's navigation features to load and use the eBook. 

Advanced Feature Help

To learn how to use these advanced features of eBooks, including printing, visit the help pages of each eBook subscription provider. 

Most help buttons are located in the upper right hand corner of the eBook provider's database interface. 

Advanced Help

Each subscription provider has different features in regards to printing options or downloading. To learn how to use these features, look for a help button on each provider's page. Usually the help button is located in the upper or lower right hand corner of the web page. 

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