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eBook User's Guide


Do eBooks count as a print/book source?

They should! Though some eBooks are only available online, many are also print books that have just been ditigized. However, if you have any doubts it's always a good idea to go ahead and check with your professor's viewpoint as to whether or not eBooks are considered print/book sources.

Do I have to check out eBooks to view them?

Nope! You can view them 24/7 online. Check out the Using eBooks tab to find out how to view an ebook.

Can more than one person use an e-book at one time?

The vast majority of eBooks can be used by an unlimited number of users at any given time. Occasionally, one will have a restricted number of concurrent users, but it's not very often. If it does happen, then you can place a Hold and you will be notified by email when the eBook becomes available.

Can I download the eBook to an e-reader? 

Only some of the eBook databases allow users to download eBooks directly to portable devices. Click on the Help button on each database to get more information. Even if a database does not specifically have a download to e-reader feature, you can drag and drop PDFs to most portable devices when the devices are connected to your computer with a USB cord. The programs and mechanisms for this will vary by device.

How do I cite eBooks?

It's pretty much the same as citing normal books but with some minor twists. Be sure to check out the Citations tab and the Citation Guide for lots of tips and tricks. Don't forget to check the eBook toolbar which might include a CITE or CITATION TOOLS button that provides you with a citation for that title. Make sure to double check the format, so that the citation is indented and double spaced correctly!

Can I search the books?

It depends on the database, but you can search the full-text of most of the eBooks.

Can I print or email text from the books?

In most of the databases - yes! However, some of the databases limit the number of pages allowed at one time. 

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