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Collaboration Tools

Tools for collaborating with a group for a class project, for a student group, or for a team!

Tips for Online Meetings

  • Pick a quiet location to reduce feedback and background noise.  
  • Visit the bathroom before the meeting.
  • Turn your phone off or on vibrate. 
  • Keep multitasking down to a minimum.
  • Arrive to online meeting space 5 minutes early so you can ensure technology (mic, video, presentation, etc) is working.
  • Have any meeting documents open and ready to show.

As  group leader:

  • Determine an online meeting space (google hangouts, skype, etc).
  • Ensure all team members understand how to access meeting space.
  • One day before meeting send out any access codes to meeting space, if required.
  • Arrive at online meeting space 10-15 minutes early.  This allows you to open the meeting space to prepare any documents or presentations for the meeting.  It also allows your team member to arrive and get all technology components working (mic, video, presentations, etc).
  • State the objectives/goals of the meeting at the beginning.
  • Before the meeting ends, provide a quick synopsis of the meeting (what goals were met, etc) and give a brief description of the objectives/goals for the next meeting.

Meeting Virtually

Sometimes meeting face-to-face is not possible.  Online meeting space is the perfect way to meet with your whole team from the comfort of your home or office.  Below is a listing of online meeting space providers that offer their services at no cost, however you will need to download the program onto your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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