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Enhancing Student Information Fluency

Resources for faculty to learn more about Information Fluency


After completion of the workshop, faculty will be able to:

  • Identify how their course(s) contribute(s) to the development of students' information literacy skills
  • Partner with colleagues (librarians) for project design and pedagogy
  • Design assignments/projects that enhance student information literacy in their courses
  • Design methods of assessment that will provide meaningful feedback on their project's success

Checklist to Evaluate YOUR Research Assignment Handouts


____Provides project parameters (structure and mechanics such as length, format of pages, headings, etc.)

____Timeline for project (exploration and definition of topic, research, outline, rough draft, final product)

____Number and types of sources

____Citation style (MLA, APA, or other styles)

____Grading/Writing Rubric

____Exemplary samples


Provide a link to the Rockhurst Greenlease Library:

Getting Started (General Knowledge/Research Process and Questions) -


____ Research Process

Searching for Information

____Directs where to find a variety of resources including digital (library, databases, catalog, research guides)

____Recommends & requires specific sources (subject library databases, reference materials, scholarly sources, etc.)

____Reviews search strategies (Boolean operators, full-text, scholarly limiters, Advanced searching, subject searching)

Evaluating Information

____Authority, content, and timeliness—

Using Information

____Information about how to avoid plagiarism—

____Citation guidance—


____Instructor hours/best method of contact

____Library Assistance:

____Reference – 816-501-4116

____Ask a Librarian 24/7 Chat—

____Technology Help Desk – (816)-501-4357

____ Learning Center and/or tutoring assistance--


Place a checkmark by each statement that is TRUE.  If you are unsure, please leave blank. If the statement is not applicable, indicate so with n/a.

_____ My recommended sources are available at my college library (online or in-person)

_____ My recommended sources are appropriate for the students’ level (reading ability, knowledge of subject matter, and research skills should be considered).

_____ My recommended resources are the most up-to-date at my university library.

_____ The research terminology I use is clear and does not create ambiguity (e.g. handouts state that students cannot use the Internet yet students must locate articles in the library’s online subscription databases)

_____ Students are not overly restricted (too many restrictions at once such as publication date, word counts, material type can make research nearly impossible for students).

_____ I am reasonable about the use of print sources versus online sources (sometimes, the most recent information is no longer available in print. For example, many government publications are now only available electronically).

_____ I permit my students to make changes to their topics based on the reality of their research experience.

_____ I provide enough technical “how to” instructions for researching, using, creating and evaluating digital sources such as blogs, Wikipedia, or streaming videos.

_____ I have confirmed that published research does exist to support my research assignment (or have collaborated with the librarian for assistance in this area).

_____ I do not have my students all research the exact same topic to ensure that the library collections offer enough resources.

_____ I have provided deadlines that allow students sufficient time for initial exploration, full-blown research, creation of drafts, and final production.

_____ I have provided exemplary models for the research projects so students understand instructor expectations.


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