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Political Science

Library Policies

  • All students must present a valid Rockhurst ID card for checkout – no materials will be checked out without an ID card. Library staff will not check out materials to any students who attempt to use their card to check out materials for anyone but themselves. Any student who attempts to check out materials for anyone else may lose his/her checkout privileges.
  • How many books can I check out? There is no limit on the number of Rockhurst owned materials that can be checked out by students. A 10 item limit applies to KC-Towers/MOBIUS borrowed items. Students may check out books, videos, audiocassettes, filmstrips, government documents, and slides for four weeks.
  • What about items on Reserve? Reserve materials can be checked out according to the limitations assigned to the materials.
  • How do I renew books? Materials may be renewed if no other person has placed a hold on the material. Two renewal periods totaling four weeks each are permitted allowing a student to have an item for a period of 12 weeks. There are two means of renewing materials:
    • in person with the items, or
    • using the online catalog My Library Account.

          Further renewals require the material to be returned to the library and renewed in person.

  • Bring those books back at the end of the semester! All materials borrowed from Greenlease Library must be returned before the end of the current school semester. Materials may be returned to a nearby MOBIUS participating library, however, the student must build in a cushion of time for processing the materials back to Rockhurst prior to the due date. The student is responsible for the items until checked in at Greenlease Library.
  • Can I check out print journals or encyclopedias? Periodicals and reference materials cannot be checked out.
  • How do I know when a book I requested is here? You are notified via your RU email account when any requested book is ready for pick-up at the library. 
  • How do I print?  You can use any of the printers in the library or throughout campus using your student ID. More detailed instructions are attached to the printers. Black and white prints are $.04 cents per page; color prints are $.057 cents per page (regardless if single or double-sided). Students receive $25 in their accounts each semester, but unused amounts in the account do not rollover into the next semester.

Library Account

The Rockhurst University ID card also is the library card for students. At the bottom of the card is the library account number, which begins "10006." Students, faculty and staff are required to use their Remail addresses in their library accounts. Library accounts expire at the end of each semester, but will be reactivated when you register for classes the following semester.

You will be given a unique identification number in addition to your library account number. With this library account number and unique borrower identification number (your six digit ID number + RG) you may: 

  • Checkout items directly from other MOBIUS libraries. Rockhurst University is a member of the MOBIUS consortium consisting of 60 Missouri academic libraries around the state. This gives our students the ability to identify and use materials from the collections of these libraries. 
  • View your library account to see what you have checked out, renew items, view any unpaid fees on your account or view items on request from other libraries.

Interlibrary Loan

Articles not found full-text in the library's collection, or books not found in a MOBIUS library, can be ordered from other libraries across the country through Interlibrary Loan. Use the forms on our Interlibrary Loan page to submit your request electronically. Usually you will have your materials within a week after submitting your request.

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