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ED6000: Educational Leadership Research Guide (Friend)


Search Tips

Use the Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT) to improve your search results:

  • use AND to combine search terms: elementary AND "special education" to get results on elementary special education.
  • use OR to combine search terms:  elementary OR "special education" to get results on either elementary or special education.
  • use NOT to combine search terms:  elementary NOT "special education" to get results about elementary that excludes special education

Use truncation to improve your search results:

  • use quotation marks (") to indicate a phrase:  results on "special education" rather than special and education
  • use an asterisk (*) as a wild card: education* will give wider results, education, educational, educations, etc
  • use a question mark (?) to replace a single character:  wom?n will give you both woman and women.

You can also limit your search results to only materials owned by Rockhurst or search for materials from all the other libraries in the Kansas City Cluster.

Use these worksheets to help develop your topic, create keywords and work through catalog or databases searches.

Database Citation Tools

Databases often include a tool to locate an article citation called Cite or Citation Tool. It will give you the option to select between the various citation formats, but be sure to reference a citation manual to make certain the content and format is correct!

Quick Tip!

Most databases provide a permalink that will bring you back to the same article. These are great to use if you are looking through many articles in your research. Create an Excel sheet or Google Sheet, click on the permalink (which will show up in a red box above the article title) and paste it into your document for safekeeping. This will help you organize your research! Usually the permalinks are located in the tool bar for each article.

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